Sketch detail

In the first lockdown I took to setting off on cycle rides when it all got too much for me; a dose of fresh air and exercise invariably lifting the gloom.

The spring of 2020 was exceptionally sunny and warm and I got into the habit of strapping a sketchbook onto the rack over the back wheel and stopping at some point on the ride to sketch the view of the road. Sitting on the bike with the sketchbook propped on the handlebars was surprisingly comfortable and once the sketch was complete I cycled on through the drawing and out the other side, so to speak. I posted a few on Instagram and the feedback was positive so here are some sketches below, to be continued, weather permitting.

I do wonder if there’s some kind of subliminal ‘road out of lockdown’ message going on here but as with all things to do with art, I really can’t be certain.