I will be opening up my studio as part of Suffolk Open Studios on the weekend of 9th and 10th of June 2018. You are most welcome to come along and view some recent paintings if you are in the area.

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Zimbabwe Memory White Helmetshrikes

Zimbabwe Memory

In 1985 I spent a month in Zimbabwe travelling around the country visiting game reserves and watching wildlife.

This was a few years after independence when Zimbabwe was full of optimism for the future - how things have changed.

On safari in Hwange reserve I saw a party of white helmetshrikes flitting through the dry thorn scrub calling to each other as they passed.

This image of dry heat, sunlight and shadow and the swooping black and white birds has stayed with me ever since (I think I may have even dreamed about it once or twice).

I have recently started to explore the possibilities of creating works from memory alone, to try to set down the images in my head which have become altered and abstracted with the passage of time. The memory of that day still burns strong and so it seemed a perfect subject.

The painting is large and is formed from three panels each forty inches square. Working at that scale presented quite a challenge; I had to rig up a sort of wooden scaffold in the studio to accommodate such a large piece and I found myself stepping out into the garden in order to get a proper view as the work progressed.

It feels like I have completed a 25 year journey now it is done, which is enormously satisfying and it is good to have finally nailed down an image which has been hanging around my head all this time.

Click here to see a large version of the painting